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Benjamin Crowninshield Bradlee

Chevalier Benjamin Crowninshield Bradlee
(Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts; 26 Aug 1921 - )

Battles/Wars: WWII
Branch: Navy
Ship: USS Philip DD-498
Solomon Islands Campaign
Battle of Tulagi
Battle of Vella Lavella
Battle of Bouganville
Guadalcanal Campaign
Battle of Henderson Field
Naval Battle of Guadalcanal
Philippines Campaign
Battle of Leyte Gulf
Battle of Mindoro
Battle Manila
Battle of Surigao Straits
Invasion of Lingayen Gulf
Mariana and Palau Islands Campaign
Battle of Saipan
Battle of Tinian
Battle of Guam

Benjamin C. Bradlee is a direct descent, through his mother's family, of Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor and King John II of France. Two good references are and "600 Immigrants to the Colonies or the United States of America" by Gary Boyd Roberts.

His Lineage to Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor

Margaret von Edelsheim
m: Maximilian I von Habsburg, Holy Roman Emperor
Barbara von Rottal
m: Sigismund von Dietrichstein-Hollenburg
Siegmund Georg von Dietrichstein
Bortholomaus von Dietrichstein-Hollenburg
Christian von Dietrichstein-Hollenburg
Anna Amali Dietrichstein
m: Maximilian Erasmus, Lord of Zinzendorf und Pottendorf
Dorothea Renata, Countess von Zinzendorf-Potten
m: Wolfgang Dietrich, Count von Castell-Remlingen
Princess Sophie Theodora von Castell-Castell
m: Heinrich XXIX, Count von Reuss-Ebersdorff
Princess Johann Dorothea von Reuss-Ebersdorff
 Herr Christof Friedrich Levin von Trott-Treyden
m: August Theodora Elizabeth von Trotta-Treyden
Baron Ernst Bruno von Gersdorff
Dr. Enrst Bruno von Gersdorff
Carl August de Gersdorff
Chevaliere Josephine de Gersdorff
m: Frederick Josiah Bradlee Jr.
Chevalier Benjamin Crowninshield Bradlee
Josiah Quinn Crowninshield Bradlee LMNSC


This interview of my dad was done right after watergate.

Ben Bradlee's Comment on News Week

Walter Cronkite and Ben Bradlee

Bob Woodward and Ben Bradlee at the Nixon Library

Ben Bradlee Lecture Part 1

Ben Bradlee Lecture Part 2

Ben Bradlee Lecture Part 3

Ancestors of Benjamin Crowninshield Bradlee

Generation One
Benjamin Crowninshield Bradlee (Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA; 26 Aug 1921 -) m: Sally Sterling Quinn (Savannah, Bullock, Georgia, USA; 1 Jul 1941 -)

Generation Two (Parents)
Frederick Josiah Bradlee (Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA; 20 Dec 1892 - 28 Apr 1970; Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA) m: on 3 Jul 1917 in Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA to Josephine deGersdorff (Manhattan, New York, USA; 18 Jun 1896 - 15 Oct 1975; Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, USA)

Generation Three (Grand Parents)
Frederick Josiah Bradlee (Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA; 28 Mar 1866 - 1951; Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA) m: on 15 Jan 1890 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA to Elizabeth Whitwell Thomas (Massachusetts, USA; 9 Oct 1868 - 1952; Massachusetts, USA)
Carl August deGersdorff (Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, USA; 10 Jul 1865 - 1944; Manhattan, New York, USA)


Benjamin Bradlee married 1st: Jean Saltonstall, they had one child:
1a. Benjamin Bradlee Jr. (Massachusetts ? )
Benjamin Bradlee married 2nd: Antoinette "Tony" Pinchot, they two children:
2b. Domonick "Dino" Bradlee
3c. Marina Bradlee

1a. Benjamin Bradlee jr. married 1st, Martha Raditz, they had one child:
2a. Gretta Bradlee
Benjamin Bradlee Jr. married 2nd Jan Saragoni, they had two children:
3a. Joseph Sargaoni Bradlee
4a. Anna Saragoni Baldini Bradlee

2b. Dominic "Dino" Bradlee married 1st, Leslie Marshal, they had three children:
3b. Marshall Crowninshield Bradlee
4b. Josephine "Jo" Antoinette Pinchot Bradlee
5b. Beatrice  "Be" Bradlee
Dominic "Dino" Bradlee married 2nd ?, they had two children:
Frederick Bradlee
James Bradlee

Unites States Frederal Cenus


  1. Hi Quinn, Trina is the name of Dino's second wife...mother of James and Frederick. Thanks. I hope you and Pary are doing well--XO-Trina Chambers-Bradlee

    Oh, And Leslie Marshall is spelled with two l's at the end. All best to you and your wife-Trina

  2. Oh, and Dominic is misspelled above also...sorry to be picky...nice of you to include us all though, Thank you-Trina