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The Crowninshield Family

Coat of Arms of Johann Casper von Richter von Kronenscheldt
The Crowninshield Ancestor

Capt. George Crowninshield

  Capt. George Crowninshield Jr.                                                                          

Senator Capt. Jacob Crowninshield
(Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, USA; 31 Mar 1770 - 15 Apr 1808; Washington, DC, USA)
He was elected to the Democratic-Republican to the 8th, 9th and 10 Crongresses
Place of Burial: Harmony Grove Cemetery, Salem, Massachusetts

Capt. Benjamin Crowninshield

Richard Crowninshield
The Murder of Richard Crowninshield

Mrs. Richard Crowninshield (Derby)
The Wife of Richard Crowninshield


Senator Capt. Benjamin Williams Crowninshield
(Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, USA; 27 Dec 1772 - 3 Feb 1851; Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA)
5th Unites States Secretary of Navy
In Office: 
16 Jan 1815 - 30 Sep 1818
Ended the War of 1812

Secretary William Crowninshield Endicott
(19 Nov 1826 - 6 May 1900)
5th United States Secretary of War

Mrs. William Crowninshield Endicott

Rear Admiral Arent Schuyler Crowninshield
(Manhattan, New York, USA; 14 Mar 1843 - 27 May 1908; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Place of Burial: Arlington National Cemetery
Years of Service: 1863 - c.1900
Commands Held: 
USS Portsmouth, USS St. Mary's, USS Kearsarge, USS Maine
Wars: American Civil War
Naval Battles: 
First Battle of Fort Fisher, Battle of Fort St. Philip
Spanish-American War

Brevt. Brig. Gen. Casper Crowninshield
(23 Oct 1837 - 10 Jan 1897)
He was a full colonel in this picture. 
Alma Matter: Harvard College 1856 - 1860
War: American Civil War
Years of Service: 1861 - 1865
Commands Held: 
Company D, 20th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
2nd Regiment Massachusetts Cavalry
Reserve Brigade, 1st Division (Merritt's), Cavalry Corps, Army of the Shenandoah
1st Division, Cavalry Corp, Army of the Shenandoah

Francis "Frank" or "Crownie" Welch Crowninshield
Creator and Editor of Vanity Fair and Vogue Magazines

Crowninshield Houses

Crowninshield-Bently House
(c. 1727 - 1730)
Was built for Capt. John Crowninshield

Crowninshield-Deveraux House

House #1
Capt. Benjamin William Crowninshield House
Built Between (1810-1812)

The Crowninshield House
House #2
Built in 1870 by H.H. Richardson in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA
Commissioned by Benjamin Williams Crowninshield

House #3

Crowninshield Ships

Crowninshield Warf
Salem, Essex, Massachusetts

Cleopatras Barge
Built by Retire Becket
Owned by George Crowninshield
Sailed by George Crowninshield Jr.

Sloop Independence
Built by Bowdoin Bradlee Crowninshield

My First Line to the Crowninshield Family

Josiah Quinn Crowninshield Bradlee
(Washington, DC; 29 Apr 1982 - )
Chevalier Benjamin Crowninshield Bradlee
(Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts; 21 Aug 1921 - )
Frederick Josiah Bradlee Jr.
(Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts; 20 Dec 1892 - 28 Apr 1970; Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts)
Frederick Josiah Bradlee
(Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts: 28 Mar 1866 - 1951; Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts)
Josiah Bradlee IV
(Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts; 17 Sec 1837 - 1902; Massachusetts)
m: Alice Crowninshield
(Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts; 22 Nov 1839 - 1926; Massachusetts)
Francis Boardman Crowninshield 
(Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts; 23 Apr 1809 - 8 May 1877; Marblehead, Essex, Massachusetts)
m: 1st Louise Evelina duPont
m: 2nd Sarah Gool Putnam
(Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts; 1 Jun 1810 - 10 Dec 1880; Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts)
Sen. Benjamin William Crowninshield
(Salem, Essex, Massachusetts; 27 Dec 1772 - 3 Feb 1851
Capt. George Crowninshield
(Salem, Essex, Massachusetts; 6 Aug 1734 - 16 Jun 1815; Salem, Essex, Massachusetts)
Capt. John Crowninshield
(Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts; 19 Jan 1696; 25 May 1761; Salem, Essex, Massachusetts)
m: Elizabeth Allen
(Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts; 17 Aug 1672 - 1711; Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts)
Dr. Johann Casper von Richter von Kronenscheldt
(Upper Leipzig, Saxony, Germany; 22 Jun 1661 - 19 Dec 1711; Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts)
Johan Caspter Richter
(Denmark; 1634 - ?; Germay)

My Second Line

Josiah Quinn Crowninshield Bradlee
Chevalier Benjamin Crowninshield Bradlee
Frederick Josiah Bradlee Jr.
m: Chevalier Josephine de Gersorff
Carl August de Gersdorff
m: Helen Suzette Crowninshield de Gersdorff
Frederick Crowninshield
m: Helen Suzette Fairbanks
They Had Two Children:
1.) Helen Suzette Crowninshield
2.) Francis "Frank" Welch Crowninshield 
Edward Augustus Crowninshield
Sen. Benjamin Williams Crowninshield,
5th Secretary of the United States Navy
Capt. George Crowninshield
Capt. John Crowninshield
Dr. Johann Casper von Richter von Kronenscheldt
Johann Casper Richter

Notable Crowninshield Members

Capt. Benjamin Crowninshield 
Capt. George Crowninshield
Capt. George Crowninshield Jr.
Capt. John Crowninshield
Sen. Capt. Jacob Cronwinshield
Brvt. Brig. Gen. Casper Crowninsield
Maj. Edward Agustus Crowninshield
Francis Boardman Crowninshield
Bowdin Bradlee Crowninshield
Cliford Crowninshield
Frederick Crowninshield
Francis "Frank" Crowninshield, 
Creator and Editor of Vanity Fair and Vogue Magazine
Richard Crowninshield
Sen. Benjamin Williams Crowninshield, 
5th Secretary of the United States Navy
Alice Crowninshield
Helen Crowninshield
William Crowninshield Endicott, 
36th Secretary of War
Benjamin Crowninshield Bradlee, 
Fmr. Executive Chief Editor of the Washington Post, Vice President at Large of the Washington Post
Josiah Quinn Crowninshield Bradlee, 
Chairman and CEO of Friends Of Quinn

My Paternal Line with Their Children

Dr. Johann Casper Richter von Crowninshield m: Anstiss Williams
1a.) Sarah Crowninshield
2a.) Capt. George Crowninshield
3a.) Elizabeth Crowninshield

2a.) Capt. George Crowninshield m: Mary Derby
1b.) Sarah Crowninshield
2b.) Capt. George Crowninshield Jr.
3b.) Mary Crowninshield
4b.) Capt. Jacob Crowninshield
5b.) Sen. Benjamin Williams Crowninshield
6b.) Capt. John Crowninshield
7b.) Capt. Richard Crowninshield
8b.) Capt. Edward Crowninshield

5b.) Sen. Benjamin Williams Crowninshield m: Mary Boardman
1c.) Jacob Crowninshield
2c.) Elizabeth Crowninshield
3c.) Mary Crowninshield
4c.) Benjamin Varnum Crowninshield
5c.) Francis Boardman Crowninshield
6c.) George Casper Crowninshield
7c.) Lucia Crowninshield
8c.) Anstis Williams Crowninshield
9c.) Edward Augustus Crowninshield
10c.) Lucy Ann Crowninshield

5c.) Francis Boardman Crowninshield m: Sarah Gool Putnam
1d.) Mary Crowninshield
(17 Jan 1833 - 6 Mary 1834)
2d.) Sarah Crowninshield
(22 Dec 1834 - 24 Dec 1840)
3d.) Benjamin Wiliams Crowninshield 
(Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts; 12 Mary 1837 - Rome, Italy)
4d.) Alice Crowninshield 
(Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts; 22 Nov 1839 - ?) 
5d.) Louisa Crowninshield 
(7 Jan 1842 - ?)
6d.) Francis Crowninshield 
(8 Jun 1845 - 23 Apr 1847)
7d.) Emily Crowninshield
(9 Dec 1847 - 18 Mary 1879)

4d.) Alice Crowninshield m: Josiah Bradlee III
Sarah Crowninshield Bradlee
Frederick Josiah Bradlee
James Bowdoin Bradlee
Francis Crowninshield Bradlee

Crowninshield Members

John Crowninshield
Capt. George Crowninshield Sr.
Sen. Benjamin Williams Crowninshield
Capt. George Crowninshield Jr.
Sara Crowninshield
Elizabeth Crowninshield
Sarah Crowninshield II
Mary Crowninshield
Capt. Richard Crowninshield
Capt. Edward Crowninshield
Sen. Jacob Crowninshield
Elizabeth Crowninshield II
Mary Crowninshield II
Benjamin Varnum Crowninshield
Francis Boardman Crowninshield
Goerge Casper Crowninshield
Lucia Crowninshield
Anstis William Crowninshield
Edward Augustus Crowninshield
Lucy Ann Crowninshield
Alice Crowninshield
Sara Crowninshield Bradlee
Frederick Josiah Bradlee
Francis Crowninshield Bradlee
William Crowninshield Endicott
Chevalier Benjamin Crowninshield Bradlee
Benjmain Crowninshield Bradlee Jr.
Dominck Bradlee
Marina Bradlee
Josiah Quinn Crowninshield Bradlee

References to Brevt. Brig. Gen. Casper Crowninshield
References to Frank Crowninshield

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  1. The painting you use above and identify as Mrs. Richard Crowninshield (Derby) the Wife of Richard Crowninshield is NOT the wife of Richard Crowninshield. The painting is by Copley and it depicts Martha Coffin Derby, the wife of Richard C Derby.